6 04, 2017

11 Reasons Why Systemizing Your Business is a Must

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Most of what you do is what you have already done before. In other words, there is a very high probability that the things you and your team are doing today are essentially the same things you’ve done before as a business. That means they are activities that can and should be systemized.  But why

11 07, 2018

What Amazon Can Teach You About High Standards

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In his annual letter to shareholders, Jeff Bezos generously shares his insights into how he and his team at Amazon.com achieve operational excellence.  (You should read them all, here's a link to the page that indexes them.) In the 2017 letter, he describes the power of having high standards and constantly raising those standards.  He

3 07, 2018

Get on with it

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Have you been doing things the same way for a long time? But it’s still not working the way you want? There are probably a lot of problems to solve to make your business fully systemized. (Let’s call them “opportunities for improvement”). Some of those opportunities are caused by weaknesses in your systems. Or it

28 03, 2017

How To Build Commitment Into Your Sales Process

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Lost time… It doesn’t matter if you are going to your prospects or they are coming in to you.  A missed appointment is a great way to lose not just a sales opportunity and time, but also morale and productivity in general, whether it’s you as the owner or someone on your team who gets

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