Buy Your Perfect Business

How To Find, Negotiate and Finance Your Perfect Business

First section imageAre you thinking about buying your own business? Are you a successful business leader looking to scratch your entrepreneurial itch? Do you believe that business ownership is the best path to financial independence? Do you ever find yourself wondering why you’re working for someone else instead of yourself?

You’re not alone. Every ambitious employee has that “eureka” moment at some point. They think to themselves, “I could do this better than they can! Shouldn’t I be building a future for myself instead of them?” Sometimes that moment is when you get downsized. Or when the boss takes credit for your work and gets the bonus.

And there are some who have always had a burning desire to own their own business so they can control their own destiny or build wealth, but don’t know how to do it or just never thought they had enough money.

Some people, though, will actually do something about it. They might be drawn to the idea of a startup at first, but most startups will fail. And the risk of losing everything isn’t appealing to someone with a family to feed. If they can get the attention of a business broker, they get steered into the world of franchises (Why? It’s an easy transaction and franchisors pay big commissions).

What about purchasing an existing business? One with an established base of repeat customers and a track record of profits?

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It turns out they’re hard to find. Yes, it’s easy to find “business for sale” listings on various websites, but did you know that the vast majority of them will never sell? The few that are good deals are usually gone before they even get listed. If you want to win this game…to buy a good business that will pay you to operate it while it builds life-changing wealth for you…you need an advantage to find the right deal, negotiate the right price and finance it the right way. Or else you’ll end up like everyone else – a perpetual “wannapreneur”.

That’s why I created the Advantage Business-Buying System…the fastest way to get the knowledge, strategies, tools and techniques to give you the advantage you need to win the game of becoming an owner of a successful business and enjoy the wealth, freedom and opportunity that comes with it.


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  • Webinar trainings on planning your search, finding the right business for sale, evaluating the numbers, negotiating the deal and financing it.
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions to get you “unstuck” and enhance your learning.
  • Tools and templates that are field-tested so you don’t have to reinvent them yourself.
  • Access to the Advantage community of like-minded entrepreneurs so you can learn from your peers.
  • Bonus resources to help you stay focused and accountable.


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  1. How to access the hidden market of businesses that are available to purchase
  2. How to generate a flow of business sellers who are ready to sell to you
  3. How to position yourself apart from competing buyers
  4. How to overcome the inevitable conflicts that could kill your deal
  5. How to engage sellers so that they want to deal with you exclusively
  6. How to evaluate the numbers to find the right price to pay
  7. Negotiating techniques that put the seller on your side
  8. Where to find the risks in a target business
  9. Financing techniques that minimize your cash outlay
  10. Deal structuring techniques that will build wealth predictably


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