Why It’s The Best Time Ever To Buy A Business

If you are ready to make the leap into business ownership, it’s show time. According to a number of sources, the improving economy, along with the ballooning number of baby-boomers ready to sell have spiked the inventory... View Post

Find the ideal size business to buy

Finding the Sweet Spot in the Lower Middle Market

So you’ve made the decision to exit the corporate world.  Why not? You’re smarter than your bosses, financially secure, confident and living the American dream.  Now you’re ready to jump on board the business ownership roller coaster... View Post

Business Valuation methods for lower middle market businesses for sale

How A Business For Sale Is Valued

The key is to first understand how business valuation works so let’s start this discussion with business valuation methods… There are many different approaches to determine the value of a business for sale and selection of the... View Post